Always on the run…


Well…here we go again…

Honestly, I thought, that the end of MACE will be the end of this blog, but I decided to continue writing.

What I am going to write now about will be, again, my personal development. Why>? Because I want to share with different people my views on how it is to be out there in the middle of the ocean (where is plenty of different, bigger fish).  I want to document my way of doing things to be able to asses later if it works or not. And as “keeping a diary supports personal development” this seems to be a good way…

Which one is you?

At the moment I am working on my linkedin profile and on-line portfolio. Displaying my works on-line seems to the only way that I can introduce my thought process to other people.

On anyone is able to publish up to 35 works for free. As for me- it’s brilliant. My sheep in box will be available on it as soon as I will manage to scan all my works (as  my creative works are mainly traditionally made- old-school but I like it this way).


One Response to “Always on the run…”

  1. cyndyblogs Says:

    yyou go girl..
    I’m gonna keep writing too. still have lots to say

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