Commercial world


At some poin, during classes, we had looked at adveristing and different kinds of storytelling in advertising. We also did ads for our businesses, which was a big fun:)

At this point, I would like to share with my view about certain kind of advetising.

Some of the ads they are teasers they have no informational purpose, they are usually made to remind about the brad, or in case of new ventures and upcoming businesses, to make the customer curious about the product.

Long time ago, in the country,where people like to drink traditional alcoholic drinks like beer or vodka, one of the biggest in country beer breweries decided to launch a new products  apple flavoured beer. To launch the product in the country, where approach to drinking is quite, we can say, traditional, the company decided to target the drink into young people – 20-30 years old, students or professional, preferably educated people. They came up with the campaign, that nobody really understood, but liked a lot:

The campaign worked really well. Initial sales were really high and soon, the company found loyal customers for their drinks.

Why I talk about this? Because in Poland, where this campaign comes form, at that time this campaign was a breakthrough in the style of advertising. Slowly, most of the adverts, especially targeted into young audience, took similar shape.

Staying in the same sector of the market around 5 years since Redds was launched, another drink appeared on the market. It was also a beer – DOG IN THE FOG. The campaign as followed by street advertising, where young people were taking out “dog” for a walk having only leash in their hands. Asked, where is the dog, the supposed to answer “in the fog”. This was another, really successful market introduction.

I say about this kind of advertising, as it was one of the first plans of PIKA to make a pre-launch campaign for our capes. unfortunately, as we didn’t managed to fit our schedules and building a website as really delayed, we ended up not taking this step.


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