“Stuff” challenge…


The Apprentice Challenges that we have taken part in recently has been a very nice experience. The task is to listen to the company brief, brainstorm in groups and then present our ideas to develop that business to entrepreneurs that have before presented the brief for the business.

What I must say, that this is not so easy as it might seem. Given a brief about the company, that we have to work on, we need to analyze the business forgetting about our personal views, likes and dislikes and come up with the idea of improving/restructuring/searching for new channels/or just marketing communication and customer relations maintenance.

Working in a group can help to explore some new ideas, look at the subject from different angles and it’s a different way of networking and socializing, as one gets to know the rest of the group better.

Although last friday I was really absent-minded (sorry for that, but pls appreciate my honesty), I truly enjoyed working with people form other group- Tales Upon Thames (as Cindy and Me we initially thought that Cristine and Yoon were not coming for the class, what later turned wrong).

Working in a different group is like a breath of fresh air. You need to build your relationship with the group members one and establish your role one more time. You learn other people, as you listen to them and join the brainstorming session with the group.

Very rewarding. Great atmosphere. And STUFF seems to be a  really interesting business, that was, at least for me,worth analysing and contemplating on.

…And just one more thing- it’s really good that we can have a look at various businesses from different backgrounds. personally, although my orientation is fashion, I am very interested in how creative business work and where ideas to run them come from. This apprentice challenges are as far one of most interesting parts of the course.


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