This was first apprentice challenge. We hosted two entrepreneurs who were working on setting up new-dimensional music television for unsigned bands. After listening to their brief, about their business idea, we needed to come up with the ideas for them on how to reach their desired audience.

My group pitch didn’t go well- maybe because I was the only one who seemed to truly enjoy the subject. I delivered our talk in the way, that I thought was the best- just a normal talk, without any other forms of formal presentations, as I thought that our guests were really casual and laid back people, ones who understood young people, their needs and informal ways of communication.

My judgement turned up to be wrong (not for the first time;] and probably not the last) and I learnt that maybe it is better to do the things the way others do it and the way that is widely accepted and recognized.

The last thing that I would like to say about our guests is that they don’t know the market they are targeting. Without that knowledge, without identifying with their audience there is no sparkle in this business…How do I know it? We suggested to them to cooperate with free music magazines available widely in pubs, clubs etc…places that promote not widely know artists. They asked me if I meant Big Issue..:( What I meant was Sup Magazine, Vice etc. The last one have shaped music taste in young generation for a very long time. Although it is available in the UK for free, in Poland readers have to pay for it. Besides those magazines there is also Don’t Panic given out to clubbers after leaving the venues….

I don’t want to sound like I am to self-confident but grmTv has a lot of homework to do before they launch….

and to make the atmosphere a bit nicer a little bit of music – at the time I heard it for a first time, unsigned:


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