What do I do for Pika…


Finance manager from title, in reality I have turned into marketing person. Only occasionally I put some figures into the spreadsheets.  There is not so much of expenses now, not taking about the income.  Now I am trying to test the product, search for audience and try it,which more or less equals persuading my friends to have a ride on their bikes with Pika cape on their backs. It’s not easy. They say it’s cold or rains (it’s a waterproof cape, but still no), that they don’t have time, they had a bike accident etc…In this way, something that I thought will take no more than a week has waited almost two weeks already.

This weeks’ task? Find them. Force them to ride. Take pictures of them. Get feedback. My dear friends…I’m coming after work of course…

Oh…yes…there is also Pika logo to be done…never satisfying enough.


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